Our value proposition in external reporting

External reporting
With external reporting, companies inform the capital market regularly about facts that are used by investors as a basis for investment decisions. The demands on external reporting depend on the capital market. For years, the trend has been towards more regulation and, consequently, the demands on external reporting are increasing.
On the capital market, there are listing requirements and follow-up obligations. These include comprehensive reporting duties such as the preparation of annual, half-yearly and quarterly financial reports and the publication of ad-hoc memorandums.
Listing on the SEC-regulated US stock exchange is particularly demanding. But the European and German capital markets are also subject to stringent regulations. The objective: to ensure reliable, compliant and value-oriented capital market communication.

Reporting with XBRL
The success of XBRL (eXtensible business reporting language): Since 2009 the American stock exchange supervisory body (SEC) demands submission of all documents in XBRL format. In Europe the significance of XBRL as a common standard for the electronic exchange of financial data also increases continuously.
Charts United assists analysts and companies in kick-starting and implementing the standardized visualization of the XBRL reporting requirements successfully and cost-efficiently.

Our value proposition
Charts United helps companies invest in the confidence of their investors, maintain the enterprise value and profit from lower capital costs in the long term while improving the external reporting (e.g. annual report, analysis presentation) in respect of value orientation using our web service for the standardized visualization of XBRL statements.

Who We Are

  • Team of experts in statistics, informatics and economics
  • Entrepreneurs with strong international networks to science and industry
  • Professionals in Management and Leadership
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Our Objective

  • Making (Financial) Data Analysis more meaningful via the Key Method of Data Visualization